Rehabtrain Centres

Video Presentation of the Services available at our Centres. You get the complete range of phyiotherapy, fitness and weight loss solutions.

Recovery of Quadriplegic Patient

This Bangladeshi Patient came to Rehabtrain in a quadriplegic condition. After almost 2 months of intensive physiotherapy he returned home in a significantly better condition.

Post ACL Surgery Rehab

This patient who had undergone ACL Surgery came for Rehabilitation under the supervision of Dr Yash Fauzdar. The recovery was quick and remarkable.

Weight Loss Programme

If you want to lose weight without dieting then watch this video very carefully and note down the questions arising in your mind. Ask those questions from our weight loss experts.

Knee Pain Exercises

Learn the Exercises for relieving Knee Joint Pain from our experts. If you do these exercises regularly then you would be able to get rid of the knee joint pain and avoid surgery.

Treatment for Arthritic Knee

If the patients with arthritic knee get medical help at an early stage then our therapists will ensure that you would be able to avoid knee replacement surgery.

Rehab after ACL Surgery

In this video Dr Praveen Tittal one of the most renowned Sports Injury Arthroscopic Surgeon is talking about the role of Physiotherapy after ACL / PCL Surgery.

Role of Physiotherapy in Knee Surgery

Knee Replacement Surgeon Dr Debashish Chanda is talking about the role of Physiotherapy before and after any kind of knee surgery specially replacement surgery.

Weight Loss Training

Weight Loss can be achieved through eating raw diet and following it with regular exercises. Watch this video to perform these exercises on your own or with our trainers.